Delal Teksil sets the goal of sustainability with its experience and traditions that carry the company to success. Due to having limited natural resources, the company produces creative, innovative and quality products for its customers by using traditional, natural and organic materials.

About Us

Established in 1993 as a family company, Delal Tekstil has been producing for domestic and international markets since the day it was founded with a service approach that does not compromise on quality. The company pursues its business activities with the goal of growing by expanding its portfolio with the world's leading brands and reaching more countries in the international arena.
Delal Tekstil produces for renowned brands in many countries around the world, especially in Europe, in its fully equipped facilities in the leading organized industrial zones of Istanbul and Muş, which have areas of 11.000 m2 and 5.000 m2 respectively, and a total closed area of 13,000 m2.

Delal Tekstil offers a reliable and professional service to its customers with its experienced design team that follows the fashion trends around the world, and business development teams that meticulously carry out all processes from the production of the products to their delivery at the customers' stores.
Having a production capacity of 1 million pieces per month, Delal Tekstil exports to many European countries, in particular to England, Germany, France and Italy. Delal Tekstil carries out special production for its customers, such as accessories, underwear and outerwear for women, men and children.


To become a reliable solution partner in the global market by swiftly meeting the expectations of our customers with a sustainable approach that is innovative, keeps up with the fashion, and does not compromise on quality and service.


To become a major manufacturer for the leading brands in the ready-made garment industry with our wide production network extending from Anatolia to the Far East and North Africa, and with our perception of high quality, fast and sustainable production.

Delal Tekstil carries out production specific to the expectations of its customers in its fully equipped facilities, with an innovative perspective and a production approach that does not compromise on quality.



Head Office & Factory


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Design, Sales and Business Development Office


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